You have got to fight

You have got to fight for the life you believe in
For the reason why you want to live
And the many who look up to you
To keep their dreams alive

You have got to fight
I know this terrain is new to you
You still stagger and fall
Like a newborn just learning to walk
But should you stop trying to walk after a 5th fall?

You have got to fight
The road isn’t going to be easy
Goliath is out there always roaring in anger
To eat your dreams, at the slightest of opportunity

You have got to fight
You have what it takes and more
All you need do is look within for that inner strength
That the master himself has provided

You have got to fight
Don’t you dare take the easy route out
Life is more exciting on the other side of fear
Trust me, it is

You have got to fight
I know it feels like nothing is working
Or maybe your dreams aren’t valid yet
But hey,  don’t give in to that voice of doubt
Cos’ you are smarter than that

You have got to fight
For you and the unborn
Who one day will see your footprints
Inscribed boldly in the sand of times
As a warrior who never gave up on his dreams

You have got to fight
Dreams do come true
But only the one chased after
Like a bull angrily going after its prey

You have got to fight
The days of sleeping and snowing is over
You’ve got to wake up to realities
That this life is very unfair my dear friend

You have got to fight
Giving up isn’t an option to choose
Naysayers will always be there to pull you down
But you in the game for YOU and not them

You have got to fight
For the very life, you truly want
For if you did this, my friend,
Your stars will, thank you forever


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Joyce Olawunmi

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