You have limitless abilities

limitless abilities
limitless abilities

You have limitless abilities. The title of this post came to me while I was listening to Bishop TDjakes’s interview with Stephen FurtickSoar, Build your vision from the ground. Truly speaking, the interview is one of my favorites, because it not only reinforced the things I have been hearing so much lately but it also opened my eyes to the realities of my limitless abilities.


From the interview, one of the very profound things Bishop TD Jakes talked about was the analogy of the parable of the talents from the Holy Bible. How that the master gave the servants talents according to their abilities. The first servant sowed his seed’’ Talent’’ and reaped additional 5 talents, the second sowed his 2 talents and reaped 2 more talents while the last hid his in the ground and reaped nothing. I want to believe that one of the reasons why the servant with one talent hid his in the ground, was because he didn’t know the limitless abilities he had to produce results with his talent. Had he known,  he wouldn’t have buried it.

Permit me to say that we just sometimes may be like that in our lives. I know I also had to struggle with this too for a long time till I came to a good understanding of my limitless abilities. And I have decided that in this one life I live, I will maximize my potential to the fullest.

Usually, most times, when we see people striving hard to do much more, be much more, we often want to say they are I TOO KNOW,  in my Nigerian English. But here is my musing, what’s wrong with being I TOO KNOW when it is paying your bills and giving you fulfillment?

As I wrap up this pure musing from my heart, my encouragement to you is to fully maximize your potential.  Do more, be more, because, you have limitless abilities.


PS: This is the link to the interview



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